Healthy Moin!

This game is our submission for the Godot Wild Jam #18! The main theme was "Plague" and the three optional modfiers were "80s Baby", "Take a chance on me" and "I wish it would rain". We tried to implement all of them, but some may be more obvious than others.

Now to the setting of the game: We are in the year 1983. There are rumors of a new disease in the world. You are a special agent whose job is to watch over the worlds population and make decisions to fight this new threat in the fastest and most efficient way. The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders, so you have to sit down and get the job done!

But the disease your're fighting is not an ordinary cold! If you make the wrong decisions you will feel the consequences immediately. So watch out and think before you click!

First of all, this game only has mouse controls. It does not require keyboard or gamepad inputs. Your ultimate goal is to find a vaccine against the emerging disease and keep the humanity alive.

You control the game with the help of three UI areas. On the left screen you will initiate actions, while you choose the affected region on the right screen. Click on a part of the world which you want to manage and check its stats or start an action. At the bottom you find a matrix printer which eagerly prints you the latest news. There you will be informed about the current situation, the success of your measures and your fails.

The plague has different components which are reflected by the different research options in the action panel on the left screen. You will find the cure, if you put your researching efforts in the correct options for this very plague. But of course you don't have to guess blind. In the printer messages you will get hints about the correct way in order to defeat the plague.

But research is not free and a pandemic causes panic and panic causes economic problems. You need to keep track of your payments and have to calm down the population if you want to be able to pay the cost of saving the world.

Besides the money you will also need research points, if you want to do successful research. To receive these points you have to make investigations in regions that are affected by the plague. More diagnosed people will grant you more research points while investigating in this region.

This new disease is a canny beast and will kill your population in no time if you make the wrong decisions. If there's no one left alive you have lost the game. But as soon as you find a cure and start curing people, you are a part of the winner team! The more peope you save the higher your score will be.

Good luck and stay hydrated! May the Emperor be with you...



Please use the fullscreen mode. Seriously...


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