Planet earths resources are nearly exhausted. In this future you have to find a new home far away in the universe. Your beloved grandfather just passed away, but he left you with his greatest secret, his self-made rocket in his garage. His whole life he talked about the wonders of the universe, but he himself could not start this adventure as his knee was injured. He never told you how this happened, but it made him incapable to fulfil his dreams. Now it's your turn to make his last wish come true. Your mother is worried, because she thinks your are too young and first should finish elementary school. But your journey has already begun...

How to play the game

Your goal is to get as far as possible up the sky. Your resources are limited by your rocket components. The more advanced your components are, the better you will get along with the difficulties of space travel. Upgrading your head will give you more mobility and stability, so you can hit more obstacles without loosing control over your rocket and move through them with more agility. A better tank will increase your fuel capacity and a more enhanced booster will give you more boost duration. If you decide to level up your thruster, it will increase your gain in velocity by slightly increasing your fuel consumption. To perform those upgrades you have to earn money and you obtain money by reaching greater heights.

Game Controls

  • Arrow Key Right - Move Rocket to the right
  • Arrow Key Left - Move Rocket to the left
  • Arrow Key Up - Boost Rocket
  • Arrow Key Down - Stop Thrust

Used Open Source Software


  • Blender – Asset Creation
  • git, GitLab – Versioning
  • Godot – Game Engine
  • Mumble – Team Communication
  • Taiga – Project Management


  • Atom - Text Concepts
  • Audacity – Sound recording and editing
  • Firefox, Chromium - Testing Web Version
  • GIMP – Texture Editing
  • Krita – Concept Art
  • LibreOffice Writer - Text Concepts
  • Media Wiki
  • OBS - Debugging Purposes
  • Ubuntu – OS
  • VLC - Debugging Purposes
  • ZIM Wiki – Notes and Text Concepts

Known Issues

  • some assets are not shown correctly (e.g. clouds, ground)
  • rocket-shader is bugging after restarting the level
  • controls behave unexpectedly when spinning
  • money is not calculated correctly when reaching target height on moon
  • developer-controls where not deactivated (upgrades on q/w/e/r)
  • upgrades are not deactivated on max-level, causing player to lose money without any gain
  • shadow glitches
  • camera zoom and rumble not active


Windows (OpenJam2019 Submission) 15 MB
Linux (OpenJam2019 Submission) 17 MB


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nice idea, this was fun! : no music/sound????

Sem palavras sou brasileiro e, que jogo divertido quase joguei por uma hora kkks

Fun Game, good job!